Small desk with shelves

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Living in small spaces can be a challenge when trying to incorporate the necessities of a comfortable lifestyle. Sofas, desks, chairs, entertainment units and more need to be reconsidered and you may have to forego some items if your place becomes too cramped. With that in mind, a small desk with shelves can serve all your computer placement needs with shelves for paper, DVD’s and CD’s and so on. It can also serve as a small entertainment unit if you have a small flat screen TV and a few related peripherals such as a gaming console and DVD player. A little imagination can indeed go a long way.
Small desk with shelves:

Small desk with shelves pictured: Left: Computer Desk With Hutch in Natural Finish by Poundex / Right: Poundex Crandon Series Computer Desk

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Wall mounted DVD player shelves

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If you are going for a more minimalist look throughout your home or apartment, you may want to try and minimize the clutter and maximize the space by using wall mounted DVD player shelves for your various entertainment components. DVD players, DVRs, gaming consoles and cable boxes can all fit nicely on a wall mounted shelf, giving your room a more airy, less cluttered feeling or look.
Wall mounted DVD player shelves:

Wall mounted DVD player shelf pictured: Height-Adjustable Wall Component Shelf for DVD or Other AV Equipment – Tempered Glass by Displays2go

Room divider with shelves

Separate a large room into two sections or more with a room divider with shelves. Perfect for an open living space concept like a loft, room dividers can help to create smaller, more personal areas like a small reading area or entertainment area. And a room divider with shelves can allow for the display and easy access of books, photos, music or movie collection adding more functionality to the divider than simple separation.
Room divider with shelves:

Room divider with shelves pictured: ORE International N1032-4-WALNUT 4-Panel Walnut Finish Room Divider with Book Shelves

Floating TV shelves

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If the term “floating TV shelves” takes you back to episodes of that futuristic of families, The Jetsons, then you may not be quite up to date with the latest in TV storage and organization units. Floating TV shelves allow you to take the traditional storage unit off the floor and onto the wall much like the wall mounted flat screen TV itself. With plenty of space for your TV peripherals and DVD collection, a floating TV shelf is a cool way of keeping it all together in one place.
Floating TV shelves:

Floating TV shelves example. Pictured: Prepac Altus Wall Mounted Home Entertainment Console in Black

TV stand with shelves

There are lots of funky looking TV stands available now. This has been made possible with the advances in LCD and plasma technology, which have resulted in thin, light TV sets. But sometimes, stand designers seem to favor look to usefulness. One useful feature to look for in a stand is shelves to store your electronic components as well as your media.
TV stand with shelves:

TV stand with shelves pictured: BDI Deploy 9628, Tall Double-Wide Open TV Stand – Natural Stained Cherry by Becker.