Shapewear shirt

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If you’re not comfortable wearing a girdle, but need some added help in smoothing out your upper body, consider a shape-wear shirt. This form of under garment, sometimes called a compression shirt, works much like a girdle in that it smooths and slims the look of your tummy, back and hips, helping you fit into those tight pants you’ve been wanting to wear.
Shapewear shirt:

Shapewear shirts pictured:
left: Dr. Rey Shapewear Womens Seamless Elite Plunge Singlet
right: Dr. Rey Shapewear Womens Seamless Cami

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Hula girl Hawaiian shirt

If you’re looking for a gift for that special someone who has nearly everything, consider buying them a Hawaiian shirt with a fun print design such as a hula girl posed in a mid-motion dance move. Now, be prepared for some folks to think this as being the epitome of “cheesy”, but don’t let that influence your decision. The Hawaiian shirt has a long tradition and can be a very attractive item of clothing when worn in the right setting.
Hula girl Hawaiian shirt:

Hula girl Hawaiian shirt pictured: Exclusive Hawaiian Hula Girl Aloha Shirt by WinnieFashion. Color: red. Available through

Shirt sleeve ironing board

If ironing wasn’t enough of a chore, ironing shirts can make it seem like more of a burden than it should be. There is however, something that can hopefully make life a little better, and that is a shirt sleeve ironing board. This is a small ironing board that allows you to simply slide your shirt sleeves over the ironing board providing an easier way of accessing the sleeve and cuffs. This is also a great add-on for pants as well, and think about how much money you’ll be saving not having to take your shirts to the dry cleaners.
Shirt sleeve ironing board:

Shirt sleeve ironing board pictured: Household Essentials Tabletop Sleeve Ironing Board with Steel Top

Purple Linen Shirt

Purple is such a classy and royal color, and linen is a light, comfortable fabric. They come in short sleeves, and long sleeves, button down, or pull over. A purple linen shirt is a must-have for anyone’s closet. Every woman should go and buy a purple linen shirt for their spouse, mate… he will look handsome and be dressed smart.
Purple Linen Shirt:
Purple Linen Shirt picture-2
Pictured above: An example of a Purple Linen Shirt.