Womens leather shirts

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Leather shirts are often made of some kind of faux-leather, not only because of the high cost of the real thing, but also because the synthetic fabrics offer certain advantages. They can be made thinner and more supple, and they are easier to work with. That being said, they don’t have the quite the same feel, allure and they probably won’t last as long as real leather, which not only keeps looking good for a long time, but actually improves with age.
Womens leather shirts:
womens leather shirts
Womens leather shirts pictured:
Left: Armani Exchange Womens Leather Peplum Top
Middle: Vince Women’s Vince Leather Tank Top in Olive
Right: Dona Michi Leather Womens Tailor fitted Leather Shirt, inside and outside Pockets

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White strapless shirts

How do you improve on the standard white Tee shirt as a summer garment? You make the shirt strapless – this lets you expose a little more skin, it lets you avoid tan lines on your shoulders, and it makes the shirt less casual. Add a nice necklace and you’re ready to hit the town. And of course white is great in summer becomes it reflects light, which helps keep you cool.
White strapless shirts:
White strapless shirts
White strapless shirts pictured:
Left: Hot from Hollywood Sexy Strapless High Low Peplum Waist Fit Flare Dressy Party Top Chiffon Blouse, snow white
Right: Deb Junior Strapless Bustier Top with Twist Front

Guayabera shirts for women

While the guayabera shirt was originally designed around 300 years ago by a wife who felt her husband should have more pockets to help pick and carry guavas, it is now a common-place shirt in the Latin American culture that is worn by young or old, rich or poor, man or woman. Guayabera shirts can be worn for both casual and formal social situations and have become fashionable shirts to wear at beach weddings as well as with visiting tourists. Keep in mind as well, if a guayabera shirt does not have at least four pockets, then it’s not a guayabera!
Guayabera shirts for women:
Guayabera shirts for women
Guayabera shirts for women pictured: Mycubanstore Women’s Basic Polycotton Guayabera Shirt, in white & beige

Mens suede shirts

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Men’s suede shirts can be pretty expensive, but can be worth it, depending on their quality. Great for the cooler months because these suede shirts are thick , dense and warm. Suede is a wonderful fabric because you can dress it up with a pair of soft black leather pants or go casual with blue jeans and cowboy boots. Make sure to read and follow the cleaning instructions.
Mens suede shirts:
Mens suede shirts
Mens suede shirts pictured:
Left: Bonus Mens Genuine Soft Suede Leather Shirt -Full Sleeve
Right: Orvis Men’s Tucson Washable Genuine Suede Shirt

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Womens Hawaiian shirts

Whether you are enjoying the cool breeze on a hot Hawaiian evening, or keeping it fun and casual in any other part of the globe, Hawaiian shirts can keep you cool and looking good. Keep in mind that when you are buying a Hawaiian shirt, you want it to be loose fitting and comfortable. And remember, the shirt is for casual wear so there’s no need to tuck it in, let it flow naturally.
Womens Hawaiian shirts:

Womens Hawaiian shirts pictured: Left: Squish Womens Hawaiian Shirt / Aloha Shirt – Blue Floral Hibiscus Theme / Right: Benny’s Aloha Shirts – Benny’s Womens Parrots Hawaiian Shirt