Short silk robes for women

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For those hot, summer nights when even the lightest t-shirt seems too hot to wear, a short silk robe can be the perfect garment when lounging around the house before bed. Just make sure that when it comes time to clean it, you either bring it to a dry cleaner, or gently wash it by hand to then air-dry. Always check the manufacturer’s care instructions for safe cleaning.
Short silk robes for women:
Short silk robes for women
Short silk robes for women pictured:
Left: Lilysilk Women’s Short Silk Silk Robe With Half Sleeve, violet
Middle: Lilysilk Women’s Short Silk Robes, black
Right: Lilysilk Women’s Silk Robe With Contrast Trim, silver-gray

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Mens short sleeve cycling jerseys

If you are a professional cyclist or just a weekend biking enthusiast, you are probably aware that what you wear can either benefit your ride or hinder it somewhat. Which is why, when you buy a cycling jersey, you make sure that you buy one that fits snugly and tight. These shirts are not about fashion. They are made to be comfortable, lightweight, and quick-drying. All qualities that help improve your performance.
Mens short sleeve cycling jerseys:

Mens short sleeve cycling jerseys example. Pictured: Canari Cyclewear Men’s Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey, color: sapphire.

Strapless Short Jumpsuit

A short jumpsuit is one of those pieces of clothing that just scream summer. On hot days, it’s great to know that you can wear something stylish that also helps you stay cool. Leaving your shoulders bare, as well as your legs, it’s equably suitable at the beach, in the yard or on a terrace.
Strapless short jumpsuit:
strapless short jumpsuit image
Strapless short jumpsuit pictured: Women’s Strapless Curve Buttoned Tunic Bermuda Romper with Pockets, by High Style Jumpsuits and Rompers.

Short TV Stands

Short TV stands are not only elegant, they also keep your TV from being at too high an angle. Some people prefer their screens to be very high, in order to replicate the cinema experience, but if you like your TV at eye level, then a low stand is the way to go.
Short TV Stands:
Short TV Stands picture-1
Short TV Stand pictured: Ikea Lack LCD Plasma Tv Stand up to 58″