White linen shorts for women

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On those extremely hot and humid days when all you want to wear is nothing, a pair of white linen shorts can provide you with the cover you need. Pair these lightweight shorts up with a delicately patterned white blouse or tank top and a pair of sandals or flip flops for a beating-the-heat style that looks cool, crisp and clean.
White linen shorts for women:

White linen shorts for women pictured:
Left: Arden B. Women’s Patch Pocket Linen Short
Middle: Dolce&Gabbana Women’s White Linen Sz 42 8363 087
Right: G2 Chic Yoga Linen Shorts

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Mens cargo camo shorts

Whether you are hiking, fishing or just hanging out in nature on a hot summer day, a good pair of men’s cargo camo shorts are not only stylish, but also quite functional as they are designed with large “cargo” pockets on each side of the leg, as well as the two usual side pockets. Cargo pants also serve to keep you cool due to their being baggy and loose fitting which helps to keep you cool and dry.
Mens cargo camo shorts:

Mens cargo camo shorts pictured:
Left: Levi’s Men’s Ace Cargo Twill Short Camo Green
Right: Levi’s Men’s Covert Core Cargo Short, Tree Trunk Camo Gray

Mens low rise shorts

Whether you’re looking for men’s low rise shorts for working out at the gym, or just taking in some sun on your back deck, make sure you are comfortable showing off a little more of your lower mid-riff than usual as low rise shorts tend to leave little to the imagination. In fact, you might possibly mistake them for boxer briefs, as some styles are very low rise with a high leg that just covers the essential and little else. There are however, some other styles that while low rise, do offer more leg cover for a less revealing look.
Mens low rise shorts:

Mens low rise shorts pictured: Left: Rufskin -Hans – Short Loop Terry Vintage Workout Shorts – Navy, White or Grey / Right: Rufskin -Scott – Mesh Knee Length Workout Shorts – Black or Orange

Army combat shorts

Chances are when you’re looking to buy army combat shorts, you want one’s that are -or come close to being- BDU specific (Battle Dress Uniform), so that you’ll have a rugged and durable pair of shorts to wear in the hot weather. There are combat shorts that are made from generic BDU fabric but may not stand up to the wear and tear one may put them through. You might want to check out your local army surplus store for the real deal.
Army combat shorts:

Army combat shorts pictured: Left: Riot Threads Kids Army Digital Camo BDU Combat Short / Right: Rothco 65412 WOODLAND DIGITAL CAMO B.D.U. COMBAT SHORT

Weight loss shorts

Specialty clothing
If you are already working on a weight loss regimen that follows a sensible plan of portion control and daily exercise, introducing a pair of neoprene weight loss shorts into your routine may not be such a bad idea. Neoprene fabric helps retain critical body heat that helps the wearer shed water weight, which may help in losing overall body weight.
Weight loss shorts:

Weight loss shorts pictured: Everlast for Her All-in-One Body Slimmer

Of course, you really can’t expect a pair of shorts – or anything else you might wear – to make you lose weight in the long term.

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