Sauna shorts

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The weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar a year business that has its share of reputable products and shaky, snake-oil type items. Sauna shorts are one of those products that you’ll need to judge for yourself. The idea behind the Sauna short is that you potentially can lose weight by targeting the areas that need the most help such as the waist, back, buttocks and hips. Wearing the shorts for at least 50 minutes or more will heat up the mentioned areas, causing you to sweat, which is supposed to help with water weight loss. The jury is out on that one, but if nothing else, the warmth of sauna shorts works like a hot water bottle, so there may be some benefit in that.
Sauna shorts:

Sauna shorts pictured: Sauna Pants – Hot Sweat Wrap Treatment for Weight Loss – As Seen on TV by CloseoutZone

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Mens yellow shorts

Whether you are wearing yellow shorts around the house or at a very casual engagement, there are a few colors that go particularly well with mens yellow shorts. Shirts and/or accessories in dark colors like black, brown or navy blue go very well with yellow as does purple, green, khaki and even white. Just be careful as to the shade of the lighter colors when pairing up with yellow and if in doubt, always ask a trusted spouse, girlfriend or other fashion conscious individual.
Mens yellow shorts:

Mens yellow shorts pictured: Left: True Religion Men’s Samuel Cargo Short, in pineapple / Right: Quiksilver Men’s Lotus Walkshort, in mellow yellow.

Jumpsuit shorts

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Lately it seems like all the top models and actresses are spotted wearing jumpsuit shorts. They are definitely making a comeback, in styles and colors that are a combination of retro, high chic and all fun. Perfect for those hot summer days when you want to be comfortable and still be stylin’.
Jumpsuit shorts:

Jumpsuit shorts pictured: Mango Women’s Short Linen Jumpsuit, in red and navy.

Your choice of footwear becomes more important when wearing any short garment.

Strapless jumpsuit shorts

Whenever you buy an article of clothing, it’s a good idea to go beyond just the look of it, and consider the occasions on which the item will be worn. In the case of strapless jumpsuit shorts, since it is a summery item, you may want to consider light colors and flowery prints. These are perfect for garden parties, the beach or the pool.
Strapless jumpsuit shorts:
strapless jumpsuit shorts image
Strapless jumpsuit shorts pictured: Strapless Vintage Ruffled Short Shirred Floral Jumpsuit Summer Romper Outfit by Hot from Hollywood.