Slimming bathing suit

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If you are a little reluctant to wear a swim suit when at a public swimming pool or beach because of your size, you might want to check out a slimming bathing suit. As its name implies, a slimming bathing suit can help you look a little slimmer than you are, much like a shape-wear girdle but without the traditional girdle design. Of course, it won’t be a dramatic change in your body shape, but hopefully just enough to feel good about splashing around in the water and having fun.
Slimming bathing suit:
Slimming bathing suit
Slimming bathing suits pictured:
Left: Miraclesuit Women’s Pin Point Rialto DD One Piece, Black/White, 16DD
Right: Miraclesuit Women’s Must Haves Sanibel One Piece, turquoise

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Arm-slimming sleeves

Whether as a result of dramatic weight loss or just part of the natural aging process, if you find that you are not happy with how your arms are looking, consider wearing arm-slimming sleeves. Like other shape-wear undergarments, arm-slimming sleeves compress and smooth out the flabby skin of your arms for a more youthful and toned look under your clothes.
Arm-slimming sleeves:
arm slimming sleeves b
Arm-slimming sleeves pictured:
Left: DEA VILLAGE LLC As Seen On TV Amazing Arms – Slimming And Concealing Arm Wrap
Right: Your Contour Arm Control Shaper, Arm Slimmer Shapewear, Long Sleeve, black

Ideally, these should match the color of the shirt you will be wearing, or be light enough so that they will not show through. Or they can be exposed if you are wearing a dress or something sleeveless.

Body slimming girdle

Of course, all girdles are “body slimming” in that give the impression that one’s body is slimmer. This is what they are designed to do. What one has to watch out for are advertisers that claim some type of girdle will actually make you lose weight. Although one can lose weight after wearing a girdle, this is usually water weight that will be regained quickly after.
Body slimming girdle:
body slimming girdle
Body slimming girdle pictured: Shapewear For Women – Faja – Thermal Zipper Girdle Panty Plus. Slimming Body Shapers Waist Cincher Reducer Clothing Fajas Colombianas.