Girls fancy socks

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Whether for a birthday party, Easter celebration, Christmas or any other event you can think of where your little girl needs to be dressed up pretty, a pair of ruffled, lacey or dainty ankle socks can be a nice finishing touch to practically any outfit or dress. Girls’ fancy socks can also look great on your little girl when she dresses up as a princess for Halloween or for play/pretend-time around the house.
Girls fancy socks:
Girls fancy socks pictured:
left: Greatlookz Springtime Springtime Joy Nylon Anklets with Organza Trim For Ladies in White, pink
right: Greatlookz Fancy Lace and Ribbon Bobby Socks for Girls in 26 Colors, purple

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Girls ruffle socks

Looking for a certain something to add pizzazz to your little girl’s formal dress but not sure what? How about some ruffle socks to go with her fancy dress. A ruffle sock is a great look for weddings, parties, pageants and other formal dress occasions. Girls ruffle socks come in a wide variety of sizes and colors and gives your daughter a stylish edge on fashion play day or a school dance.
Girls ruffle socks:

Girls ruffle socks pictured: Servane Barrau Designs Pink Ruffle Socks, in small, medium and large