Solar light post cap

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When you are looking to add a lighting fixture outdoors on your deck, patio or fence, a set of solar light post caps can provide the necessary ambient light and decorative aesthetic needed. If you’re not a handy man or woman, no worries because there are solar light caps that can be easily mounted onto a table, fence or stake with no tricky installation or wiring. Simple set the lights where you want them, mount them with a couple of screws and you’re done!
Solar light post cap:
Solar light post cap
Solar light post caps pictured: EZSolar QTP7-R2-BK-4 2X Brighter Premium Solar Metal Post Cap, Set of 4

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Solar garden stake lights

One of the simplest ways to illuminate your walkway, driveway or garden path is to use solar garden stake lights that are easily planted in the ground where you need them. Keep in mind that the quality of the lamp is very important and that you should look to buy stake lights that are made of metal rather than plastic since they are less likely to break or bend when you’re puting them into the ground.
Solar garden stake lights:

Solar garden stake lights pictured:
Left: Moonrays 91743 Hudson Solar-Powered Metal 2X LED Path Light, Pearl Bronze, 6-Pack
Right: Moonrays 99924 Color Changing Solar Glass Ball Fixture, 1-Pack and 3-Pack

Solar garden light set

Installing solar garden lights on each side of your walk way from the street to the front door can add almost instant curb appeal to your home at a relatively low cost. The light set is easy to install and because it runs off of batteries that are solar powered, you never have to worry about electrical wires hanging around or higher electrical bills.
Solar garden light set:

Solar garden light set pictured: Solar Power, Outdoor Solar Garden LED Lights, Stainless Steel Pack of 8 by SOLAREK.