Full spectrum table lamp

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If you find your eyes become tried quickly while reading, or your focus seems to drift, it may be due to the poor lighting in your home or office. This doesn’t mean that your existing lamps don’t give off enough light, it just might be the “wrong” light. A full spectrum lamp can be a healthier alternative by providing a full and balanced visible light spectrum that simulates the natural light you would get outside on a sunny day, which can help to prevent eye strain and fatigue.
Full spectrum table lamps:

Full spectrum table lamps pictured:
Left: Vienna Full Spectrum Taper Square Crystal Column Table Lamp
Middle: Vienna Full Spectrum Crystal Trophy Table Lamp
Right: Vienna Full Spectrum Stacked Crystal Cubes Table Lamp

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Full spectrum desk lamps

If you are a student, work from home, or spend a lot of time in the office at your desk, you may have found that your energy levels and overall well-being diminish during the day. If you can’t take an hour or so to replenish outdoors, a full spectrum desk lamp may help. A full spectrum lamp is noted to increase the release of serotonin, decrease the levels of meltanoin and increase the production of Vitamin D, which helps to improve your mood and energy levels.
Full spectrum desk lamps:

Full spectrum desk lamps pictured: Left: Verilux Original Natural Spectrum Deluxe Desk Lamp / Right: Sunlight Desk Lamp Natural Full Spectrum Sun Light. Simulates Daylight. 150Watt Output uses 27 Watts. Touch On/Off Switch. By Lights of America.