Spice Rack Cabinet Insert

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A solution for keeping your spices together, hidden away in one place, could be a cabinet insert. They are either horizontal, and basically function as a drawer, or vertical. It is a good idea to plan out where your spice insert will be when you are choosing your cabinet configuration.
Spice Rack Cabinet Insert:

Spice Rack Cabinet Insert pictured: Expand-A-Drawer Spice Organizer by Dial.

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Under cabinet pull-down spice rack

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From what I have found, there seems to be two kinds of pull down spice racks. The first is like a drawer that one pulls out, and then tilts down. The other uses levers to open up i the same way a briefcase opens, except from the bottom. Both are mounted under a cabinet, and both seem to be great space savers.
Under Cabinet Pull Down Spice Rack:

Under Cabinet Pull Down Spice Rack pictured: Axis 181 Under The Cabinet Spice Organizer

Inside Cabinet Door Spice Rack

If you’re like me who hates clutter, and who likes clean spaces and hidden things, then inside-cabinet spice rack may be a good addition to your kitchen. It’s easily mounted to the inside of your kitchen cupboards so it’s hidden away; no more spice bottles sitting out in plain view on the kitchen counter, and your spices are all stored in one convenient place.
Inside Cabinet Door Spice Rack:

Inside Cabinet Door Spice Rack pictured: Rev-A-Shelf 4SR-15 Door Mount Spice Rack – Wood – Maple