Kitchen spritzer

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Whether you are looking to lose a few pounds, or trying to eat better, the caloric intake of oils used to cook with or to add on a salad can add up greatly over time. A kitchen spritzer can help lower the calorie content by lightly misting a pot or pan when cooking, or allowing for a gentle mist of infused oils and herbs over your leafy greens. You’ll get both the taste you enjoy and complete control of how much you want to use.
Kitchen spritzer:

Kitchen spritzer pictured: Prepara Oil Mister

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Oil spritzer

Whether you are working on eating healthier, or trying to lose weight by cutting down on calories, an oil spritzer can be a help in this regard as it allows you to control the amount of oil used by gentle misting over food rather than free pouring. Salads no longer need to get drenched in oil as you can lightly spritz oil on top of your greens in controlled spurts. Also great for making your own salad dressings as you can infuse oil and herbs for some delicious combinations.
Oil spritzer:

Oil spritzer pictured: Prepara Oil Mister

Glass Spritzer Bottles

The glass spritzer bottle can have as many uses in your home as you can imagine. One cool way of using a spritzer bottle is in the kitchen, as a means to control the amount of oil and vinegar on a salad. Fill one spritzer bottle with oil, and another with vinegar. Then apply to salad with a couple of spritzes from each bottle. You get a controlled amount of both oil and vinegar without drenching your salad in liquid calories. A must have item for any calorie conscious individual.
Glass Spritzer Bottle:
Glass Spritzer Bottles picture-1
Glass Spritzer Bottle pictured: Retro 8 ounce Glass Olive Oil Bottle Sprayer by American Chateau