White loft bed with stairs

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Kids certainly love loft beds. To them they are just fun: the fact that they are elevated is a novelty, and the space under the bed can feel like their own little fort. But to parents, these beds are more than fun. They are very practical in that they save a lot of space. Especially if they are equipped with stairs that double as storage drawers. Some models even allow you to fit a desk under the bed, a dresser or even another bed!
White loft bed with stairs:
white loft bed with stairs
White loft bed with stairs pictured: South Shore Mobby 39-Inch Loft Bed with Stairs, Twin, Pure White

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Rolling stairs

Rolling stairs, sometimes referred to as rolling warehouse ladders, are must-have tools when you have items stored up high in hard to reach areas. Great for workshops, storage areas, small businesses and of course, warehouses. With rolling stairs, you have a strong and durable platform on which to stand on along with with a handrail so you don’t need to worry about standing on a shaky and unsecured ladder.
Rolling stairs:

Rolling stairs pictured: Left: Louisville Ladder GSW2407 Rolling Warehouse Ladder with 24-Inch Step Width and Handrails, 70-Inch Platform Height, 7-Step / Right: Louisville Ladder GSW2408 Rolling Warehouse Ladder with 24-Inch Step Width and Handrails, 80-Inch Platform Height, 8-Step