Gaming TV stands

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With the ever increasing number of gaming console components and controllers coming out these days, if you are a gaming enthusiast you may find that all these accessories are starting to pile up. A good way to keep all these organized is to get a TV stand that is made with gaming in mind. These have extra shelves and hooks that are made to fit all sorts of controllers, headphones, keyboards, and even the games themselves.
Gaming TV stands:
gaming tv stands
Gaming TV stand pictured: Sauder Booster TV Stand in Twine Finish

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Commercial TV stands

As much as the look and size of your average TV set has changed in the past ten years or so, so too has the TV stand. They are now more streamlined and modular looking with a variety of models and styles that can accommodate the smallest flat screen TV to a 60 inch screen home theater version. And for businesses, there are commercial TV stands, which are perfect for stores and trade shows.
Commercial TV stands:

Commercial TV stands pictured:
Left: 74-inch-tall Floor Stand for TV Between 32 and 42 inches, 2 Metal Shelves, Heavy Glass Base – Black by Displays2go
Middle: Audio2000s Ast-420y Flat Panel Lcd Tv/monitor Stand with Tripod Base
Right: LUXOR Mobile Flat Panel TV Stand – 29×131/2″ Shelves – Black

These stands are first and foremost about functionality.

Low-profile TV stands

If you’re looking for a suitable stand for your new flat screen TV, a low profile TV stand is a popular alternative to the large, bulky TV stands that were used with the old CRT televisions. And even though they are lower, low profile stands have ample storage space for practically all your viewing needs, like gaming consoles, surround sound systems, DVD players and of course, the TV.
Low-profile TV stands:

Low-profile TV stands pictured: Plateau Valencia (79)’ (B) 79in. Audio Video TV Stand

Narrow TV stands

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If you’re trying to simplify your entertainment set-up and getting back to the basics with a Blu-Ray player and surround sound system, a narrow TV stand can take the place of a larger entertainment unit while providing your living area with more space to add a chair or nothing at all. A narrow TV stand also works quite well in a small apartment or dorm room where space is at a premium.
Narrow TV stands:

Narrow TV stands pictured: Left: Techcraft SWH4024B 40-Inch High AV Side Rack (Black) / Right: Sonax CR-2360 Cranley 21-Inch Wide Midnight Black Enclosed Component Stand

If you have a flat screen TV that is very wide, you might find that the combination of it with a narrow stand makes the whole setup look rather top heavy. In this case you may want to go with something wider, from a purely aesthetic standpoint.

Tall corner TV stands

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When moving from one place to another, it may not come as much of a surprise that some rooms are designed differently than others, and that long entertainment stand you used in the last place, might not fit properly in your new place. Chances are though, you could utilize a corner of the room for your entertainment needs by setting up a corner TV stand which should have no problem supporting a small to medium sized Flat screen TV and all the necessary components. Great for dens and bedrooms.
Tall corner TV stands:

Tall corner TV stands pictured: Bush Furniture Segments Audio Tower in Cherry, also available in black.

Of course, just because a stand fits neatly in a corner doesn’t mean your TV will. Remember that your flat screen will be wider – perhaps much wider – than your stand. The sides of the TV may end up touching the wall, or prevent you from placing the stand as deep into the corner as you would like. In that case, the stand may look odd if it is too far away from the corner, and you will be losing valuable floor space.
Tall corner TV stands - 2
Pitured: Kanto Mobile TV Stand with Adjustable shelf and flat screen mount – Fits 37″ to 65″ Monitors – Black