Yellow stiletto heels

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Making a bold statement with footwear is as easy as putting on a bright colored shoe that conflicts with what you are wearing. As an example, take any dark colored clothing, like a dress or pant suit, and put on a pair of high yellow stiletto heels. Chances are, you’ll definitely get a bunch of looks and compliments. You might also get a few dismissive stares, but that’s all part of the fashion game.
Yellow stiletto heels:

Yellow stiletto heels pictured: Pleaser Women’s Milan 1 Pump. Color: yellow patent

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Ankle strap stiletto shoes

For women, knowing how to make a grand entrance is all about presentation, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. A chic hat, scarf, low cut classic blouse, belt, nice skirt, stylish jewelry and ankle strap stiletto shoes will definitely have you making a splash at your next invited event. For that extra dazzle, impress your hosts with imitation Leopard print stiletto shoes with faux leather bow. You’ll definitely turn heads.
Ankle strap stiletto shoes:

Ankle strap stiletto shoes pictured:
Left: Glaze by Adi Embellished Ankle Strap Stilettos, black
Right: Riverberry Women’s ‘Delia’ Ankle Strap Hidden Platform Stilettos, nude

Brown stiletto heels

Brown is a color which one can wear all year round; and this color never goes out of style. Unfortunately I am one of several women who cannot wear high heels, and for that matter, stiletto heels-forget about it. But for all the other millions of females who can wear these shoes, dress them up or down; these shoes look great anytime.
Brown stiletto heels:

Brown stiletto heels pictured: Ollio Womens Shoes Pumps Stiletto Platforms Closed Toe Multi Colored High Heels

7″ stiletto high heel

As sexy as stiletto high heels are, the truth of the matter is they are not the most comfortable shoe and, if not worn in moderation, can cause serious problems later in life. Common issues that can arise are painful hips and feet, calluses, corns, bunions, lower back pain, knee pain and osteoarthritis. Obviously, these are issues that are not considered when all dolled up in a silk black dress for a night on the town, so keep your high heel wearing to only very special occasions and you should be fine.
7″ stiletto high heel examples:

7″ stiletto high heels pictured: My1stWish 74V Womens Platform Peep Toe Ladies 7 Inch Stiletto Heel Court Shoes

3 inch stiletto heels

There are occasions when you want to wear a sexy shoe, without overdoing it. A heeled sandal or a pump with a stiletto heel provides that sexiness, but keeping the heel at three inches means you are not going overboard. These types of shoes come in many styles, fabrics and colors.
3 inch stiletto heels example:
3 inch stiletto heels picture-2
3 inch stiletto heels pictured: Funtasma Women’s Pump 420B Mary Jane Pump