Inflatable ottoman foot stool

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If you’re having to deal with a living small space like a studio apartment, dorm room or even your home living room, there might not be enough space for a comfortable foot rest. An inflatable ottoman foot stool can be a simple solution to such a challenge. It’s easy to inflate and when you don’t need it anymore, simply deflate the ottoman and store it out of sight until you need it again.
Inflatable ottoman foot stool:
Inflatable ottoman foot stool
Inflatable ottoman foot stool pictured: Inflatable Round Blow Up Chair 22×10″ Lime Green by HOMETALE

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Bed storage step stool

Whether for your own bed or your little ones, a bed step stool can help you get into a bed that is higher than most with greater ease. You can also use the step as an aid to get in and out of the tub when needed. For safety purposes, you may want to add some rubberized “feet” on the bottom of the step to keep the step from sliding on tiles or a hard-wood floor. And for added functionality, a bed step stool with added storage space can keep your most used items at the ready so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your bed.
Bed storage step stool:

Bed storage step stool pictured: Powell “Woodbury Mahogany” Bed Step with Storage by Powell Furniture

Oak Piano Stool

There are many types of piano benches, each having their own advantages. But appearance can also be important, and ornate stools are certainly beautiful. Oak is know for its strength, solidity, and its attractive grain. For these reasons it is an ideal wood to use for stools. You can be assured that a well-constructed stool made of oak will last you for years to come, whether it is used as a simple bar stool, or for sitting at the piano.
Oak Piano Stool:

Oak Piano Stool pictured: Piano Stool, Oak Antique Reproduction

Double Piano Stool

There are several types of piano stools and benches available, most of them are made to seat one person. What is the advantage of using a double piano stool over a regular piano bench? Mostly, the advantages are that double benches are wider, and so they accommodate two people more comfortably, and that most models feature the option to adjust the height of the two seating areas independently. This is ideal for piano teachers who share their bench with different sized students.
Double Piano Stool:

Double Piano Stool pictured: Mahogany Deluxe Duet Two Seated Double Adjustable Artist Piano Bench by CPS