Glass bottle with stopper

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Reusing a glass bottle for all your water and beverage needs is a wonderful way to recycle. Just make sure that the glass bottle you purchase, especially if bought online, is strong enough and manufactured properly with tight fitting stoppers. There have been some complaints about flimsy glass bottles, stoppers that leak and even glass bottles that tend to shatter when tightening the cap. As always, buyer beware.
Glass bottle with stopper:

Glass bottle with stopper pictured: Dci Re-Fill A Glass Water Bottle. Size: single

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Glass Bottle with Clamp Stopper

Clamp stoppers are great for keeping a bottle well sealed and air tight. Bottles with clamp stoppers are perfect for storing anything that needs to stay fresh. They are also great for keeping carbonated beverages. Do be careful not to shake the bottle before opening it, since the contents will splash out. I speak from first-hand experience.
Glass Bottle with Clamp Stopper:

Glass Bottle with Clamp Stopper pictured: Bormioli Rocco Giara Clear Glass Bottle With Stopper, 33 3/4 oz.

Glass Bottle with Clamp Stopper: Estilo Swing Top Easy Cap Clear Glass Beer Bottles, Round, 16 oz, Set of 6