Heavy-duty suspenders for men

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In case you were wondering, suspenders aren’t just for business folk and professor types who like to accessorize their clothing style. They can also be worn by construction workers, mechanics, farmers, conductors, bus drivers and anyone else who needs to keep their pants up while working. But rather than buying silk suspenders in various colors, blue collar workers would presumably buy leather suspenders in dark colors to keep the comments by co-workers to a minimum.
Heavy duty suspenders for men:

Heavy duty suspenders for men pictured: Custom Leather Craft 110BLK Black Heavy Duty Work Suspenders by Custom Leathercraft.

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Mens silk suspenders

Far be it from me to dictate fashion sense, but I find mens silk suspenders a tad pretentious. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they look good and may even complement a nice suit, but really though, suspenders are suspenders, and as long as they perform their function, does it really matter what fine fabric they are made of? Mind you, if I received a pair for my birthday, I wouldn’t send them back.
Mens silk suspenders:
Mens silk suspenders
Mens silk suspenders pictured: Trafalgar Men’s Silk Formal Herringbone, 100% pure silk.

Yellow suspenders for men

While it is always good form for business men to wear matching colors, sometimes a contrasting color can set the tone for a unique “devil may care” attitude. As an example, a dark suit alongside a yellow bow tie, yellow socks and yellow suspenders, would definitely be a stand-out look at the office without making too bold a statement.
Yellow suspenders for men:
Yellow suspenders for men image
Yellow suspenders for men pictured: TopTieā„¢ Unisex Skinny Elastic Suspenders 3/4″ inch(2CM) Thin Solid J-Clip Suspender–Yellow.

Blue suspenders for men

When I was a young lad, I always thought that suspenders were only worn by farmers and school janitors. It wasn’t until I was older and in the “real world” working a job, that I noticed that not only were blue collar workers wearing suspenders, but also business professionals. Lawyers, doctors, dentists, CEO’s and accountants seem to have no problem wearing suspenders so maybe I should think about dressing for success as well.
Blue suspenders for men:
Blue suspenders for men image
Blue suspenders for men pictured: Jacob Alexander Elastic Adjustable Clip Suspenders – Royal Blue. Sold by Sunrise Outlet.

Hot pink suspenders for men

For the well dressed man, suspenders may or may not be the choice one makes when thinking about how to keep their pants up. But I can say this, if you buy cheap suspenders with flimsy buckles or clasps, you never know when they’ll fail you, which is obviously not a good thing. So no matter what color you choose for your suspenders, whether it be hot pink or shocking orange, always make sure to be quality over style. After all, you don’t want to be caught with your pants down!
Hot pink suspenders for men picture:

hot pink suspenders for men image
Hot pink suspenders for men pictured:
Luxury Divas Mens / Womens One Size Suspenders Adjustable