Tanning lounge chair

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Sitting by the pool on a hot summer day while you soak up the rays on an adjustable tanning lounge chair is definitely one of life’s little pleasures. Keeping your lounge chair in good condition however, takes a little work. When you first buy your chair, have it treated with hardwood oil to keep the wood from discoloring. Then make sure to keep it off of wet grass or on a surface that is surrounded by water, like a pool deck. If the chair is to be in situated in such conditions, rubberize the bottom legs so that they don’t succumb to water damage.
Tanning lounge chair:

Tanning lounge chair pictured: Strathwood Basics Chaise Lounge Chair with Textilene Fabric

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Sun tanning chair

One of the joys of having a back yard is that you can lay out in the sun all day in the comfort and privacy of your own living space and work on that full body tan. Just keep in mind that you’ll need three things. The sun of course, some heavy duty sun block, and a sun tanning chair that you can lay on comfortably. You may also want to keep a small cooler next to the chaise lounge so you won’t need to get up to get a drink.
Sun tanning chair:

Sun tanning chair pictured: Strathwood Rawley Textilene Chaise Lounge

Of course, theoretically, any chair can be used to suntan in.