Small television sets

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Maybe it’s just because I am getting older, but for the life of me, I can’t seem to grasp the idea of watching a movie or favorite television show on a small, handheld television set. I saw a guy on the bus the other day who must have been in his twenties and he was watching an episode of Dexter on a very small screen. I could hardly make out the image and wondered if the guy suffered from headaches or eye-strain because of the small screen. Maybe I’m old fashion, but give me a large TV screen any day.
Small television sets:

Small television sets example. Pictured: Haier HLT71 7-Inch Handheld LCD TV

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Glass television stand

Glass has the distinctive advantage of fitting in to any decor. Its lack of color makes it an ideal choice for anyone who wants a piece of furniture that will integrate itself seamlessly with the color palette of a room. There are several models of TV stands made of glass, and one of them is sure to be the one for you.
Glass television stand:

Glass television stand pictured: Contempo 3 Shelf TV Stand by Walker Edison, clear.

Wooden television stands

Just because a TV stand is use to hold electronic devices such as DVD players, amplifiers and speakers, doesn’t mean the stand itself cannot have classic beauty. This is the advantage of wood. Wooden stands have a lasting beauty, no matter what is placed on them. And they help balance out your decor, so that it is not too modern looking.
Wooden television stands:

Wooden television stands example. Pictured: Salamander Chameleon Geneva 329 Twin-Width A/V Cabinet (Medium Walnut) by Salamander Designs.

Plasma television stand

When looking for a television stand, it is not necessary to look for one that is specifically for plasma tv’s. Plasma stand work just for LCD’s or any other type of flat screen television. The important factors are wheter the stand can support the weight and the size of your TV.
Plasma television stand:

Plasma television stand pictured: Techcraft HBL60 60-Inch Wide Television Stand (Black)

LCD television stands

When buying a TV stand, the same guidelines apply to LCD’s as to plasma, or any other type of flat screen television: Make sure the stand is made to support the weight of your set, and if it is a stand with an incorporated mount, make sure it can handle the size.
LCD television stands:

LCD television stands example. Pictured: OmniMount Echo 50 – 50 Inch Video Table – Espresso