Portable camping toilet seat

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There are a few options when it comes to going to the toilet while camping. One is to get a portable toilet. These are self-contained units that you can put bags into. Another option is a toilet seat that is designed to fit on a standard five gallon bucket. Perhaps the simplest one, (other than squatting in the woods) is a seat with legs. With this you have the option of simply setting it up in the woods, or placing a container under it.
Portable camping toilet seat:
portable camping toilet seat
Portable camping toilet seat pictured: TravelJohn Foldable Commode /Chair (Olive Drab)

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Over-the-toilet bathroom etagere

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For smaller bathrooms that need extra storage space, a over-the-toilet bathroom etagere can hold everything from toilet paper rolls to shampoo bottles, soaps, air fresheners and other small toiletry items. The etagere can also be a great place to keep towels handy when needed. Just be sure to anchor the etagere to the wall so that there will be no worry about it tipping over. This can be a concern if your floor or ceiling is not level.
Over-the-toilet bathroom etageres:

Over-the-toilet bathroom etageres pictured:
Left: Zenith Products Spacesaver Hawthorne, heritage bronze
Right: “Cross Style” Metal Spacesaver, 3 Shelf, Satin Nickel by Zenith

Toilet seat riser with arms

For the elderly, the handicapped, and small children, a toilet seat riser with arms is a must-have for those who experience difficulty sitting or standing. The toilet seat riser with arms provides much needed support while getting on and off the toilet and is quite easily attached to your toilet. Some are even designed to be used with your regular toilet seat and lid so as to not alter your bathroom decor.
Toilet seat riser with arms:

Toilet seat riser with arms pictured: Tall-Ette Extra Wide Toilet Seat with Arms and Legs by Ableware

You will want to make sure that your riser is quite securely placed, so that there is no danger of any accidents.

Japanese bidet toilet seat

You may think that something as simple and efficient as a toilet seat could not possibly be improved, but in fact, it is an item that can be quite high-tech. You may have seen these on TV: toilet seats with bidets incorporated in them. Some even have temperature control. It may seem like an indulgence, but they take up less space, and may be cheaper than a separate bidet.
Japanese bidet toilet seat:

Japanese bidet toilet seat pictured: Luxe Bidet MB110 Fresh Water Spray Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment

Japanese style toilet seat

If you thought a toilet seat was just a toilet seat with no room for change or improvement, then think again. A Japanese style toilet seat is one that allows the user to electronically control a variety of functions and operations while sitting “on the throne”. Features include a heated seat, two bidets, water temperature control, controlled water pressure and even warm air blow dryers. Not surprisingly, these toilet seats are quite expensive, but if you like comfort and pampering yourself, then this is indeed the way to go. Pardon the pun.
Japanese style toilet seat:

Japanese style toilet seat pictured: TOTO SW524-01 Washlet C110 Elongated Front Toilet Seat, Cotton White