Tortilla frying pan

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When wanting to heat up a tortilla, there are a few ways which work for most people. One is that you simply buy a tortilla frying pan to use when needed. Of course any frying pan or cast iron skillet will work as long as the pan surface is hot enough so that nothing will stick. You could also use a microwave or toaster oven to heat up your tortillas, but if you like your tortillas a little crispy, go with the oven, as the microwave tends to make the tortillas limp.
Tortilla frying pan:

Tortilla frying pan pictured: Magefesa Nonstick 10-Inch Tortilla Pan, 2-Piece

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Spanish Tortilla Pan

Tortillas are pretty simple to make. The only part of the cooking process that is challenging is flipping the tortilla to get both sides a nice golden brown. A tortilla pan makes this easy thanks to its ingenious two-interlocking-pan system. Just close the top part and flip sides. No mess, no fuss.
Spanish Tortilla Pan:

Spanish Tortilla Pan pictured: 2-Piece Tortilla Espanola Pan – Heavy Duty & Non-stick

Like pans made especially for omelets, tortilla pans are usually non-stick.