Touch desk lamps

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When working or reading at your desk, a ceiling light is fine for most activities, but when you need a direct or focused stream of light for more accurate detailing of what you are doing, a desk lamp is your best bet. There are a variety of lamp styles, from classic bankers lamps to modern chrome goose neck lamps. There are even touch lamps that turn on with just the touch of your finger. It would be best to consider the size of your desk, how much stuff is on it and what style of lamp would fit best.
Touch desk lamps:

Touch desk lamps pictured:
Left: Ledwholesalers 3 Level Dimmable Dimmable Touch Switch Folding Led Desk Lamp 6 Watt, Pure White, 2403WH
Right: Tayama One Touch Desk Lamp

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Touch sensitive kitchen faucet

Some may think that a touch sensitive kitchen faucet that uses no taps and turns on or off with just the brush of your hand, finger, wrist or any other part of your body is tantamount to pure laziness. But for some, this is a Godsend as this means they will no longer have to worry about contaminating the taps with bacteria or possibly salmonella. If you have been in contact with raw meat, simply touch the water spout with clean part if your hand or arm and the water will flow instantly. No fuss, no muss, with a touch sensitive kitchen faucet.

touch sensitive kitchen faucet image
Touch sensitive kitchen faucet.
Pictured: the Delta 980T-SSSD-DST