Electric heated bath towel warmers

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If you are looking for a different way to pamper yourself and your family, consider adding a bath towel warmer to your bathroom. Everyone will love the luxurious feeling of getting out of the bath or shower and wrapping themselves up in a heated bath towel or robe. Make sure to use thick, quality bath towels for maximum warmth.
Electric heated bath towel warmers:
Electric heated bath towel warmers
Electric heated bath towel warmers pictured:
Left: Jerdon Warmrails Mid Size Wall Mounted or Floor Standing Towel Warmer, 37.5-Inches
Right: Towel Warmer by Brookstone

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Outdoor towel rack for swimming pool

Owning a pool is one of those special luxuries that make the summer heat and humidity a lot easier to deal with. A slight problem though might be trying to keep your towels dry and at the ready as the kids splash about. An outdoor towel rack may just be what you need to keep the towels off the ground and away from the splashing water. Most towel racks can hold up to three thick towels without them touching each other, which makes drying time faster.
Outdoor towel rack for swimming pool:
Outdoor towel rack for swimming pool
Outdoor towel racks for swimming pool pictured: left: Teak Towel Rack, Indoor Outdoor, Bathroom, Pool by Aqua Teak / right: Poolmaster 52505 Poolside Towel Tree

Grey bath towel set

Adding those little decorative touches to a bathroom can mean the difference between a plain bathroom and one that has that WOW factor we are all looking for. For example, if the color of your bathroom is a dark tone, you may want to add a light grey bath towel set to offset the dark color. Or conversely, if your bathroom walls are grey, then the obvious accessorizing choice would also be items in various shades of grey.
Grey bath towel set:

Grey bath towel set pictured: Kassatex 100-Percent Combed Extra Long Staple Turkish Cotton from our Urbane Collection 6-Piece Solid Towel Set. Color: lead.

Metal towel bar set

When it comes to remodeling your master bathroom you really should go for the best materials you can afford. But if you’re just redoing a guest bathroom or kid’s bathroom then you can always go for the lesser priced metal towel bar sets. That doesn’t mean that the materials used will be flimsy or of lesser quality, just that there may be differences in the appearance and workmanship. Usually, these differences are hardly noticeable if at all.
Metal towel bar set:

Metal towel bar set pictured: Hardware House 689497 Sunset Collection 4-Piece Bathroom Accessory Set, Satin Nickel

Towel stands

Sometimes the most simple of things can be an inconvenience or major drag. For example, a towel bar in your bathroom is pretty much an essential, yet simple, feature. Yet, what happens when the towel bar is unreachable from the shower or bathtub? Well, unless you like to keep your bath towels on the floor, I would suggest buying a free-standing towel stand that can be placed in any part of your bathroom for easy access to the towels you will need.
Towel stands:

Towel stands example. Pictured: Gatco 1354 3-Arm Floor Towel Stand, Chrome

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