Linen tower cabinet

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A linen tower cabinet is a great way to add extra storage capacity in your bathroom for towels, extra rolls of toilet paper, bottles of liquid hand soap, brushes and whatever other items you may have that tend to clutter up a relatively small space. That being said, a linen tower cabinet can also be used in the kitchen as an open pantry, or in the hallway as a unit to hold your keys, mail, gloves, hats, and other items you would rather not have to spend time searching for around the house.
Linen tower cabinet:

Linen tower cabinets pictured: Left: Elegant Home Fashions 7831 Savannah Linen Tower Dark Espresso / Right: Mason Linen Tower with One Door and Three Open Shelves by Elegant Home Fashions.

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Video game storage tower

Keeping things in one place, like DVD’s, games and other entertainment items can be a frustrating task, especially in a large household where kids’ stuff and parents’ stuff can easily get mixed into a big pile. A good solution around this problem is to buy separate video game storage towers for the kids and the parents. This way, you can organize yours and theirs into each separate storage tower. Of course there is no guarantee that still won’t be a mess… but it’s worth a try.
Video game storage tower:

Video game storage tower pictured: LevelUp Evolution Controller and Game Storage Tower Black

Ice beer tower

One of the coolest things I have ever seen was when I was at a local bar one night and the server brought over a beer tower that was filled with beer. I asked her “what the heck it was” and she replied that it was indeed a tower of beer and that the bar used these for those times when many pitchers were being ordered. This way, the tower held roughly 3 liters of beer and the drinkers could serve themselves instead of bugging the server all the time. A very cool invention!
Ice beer tower:

Ice beer tower pictured: The BrewTender Tabletop Beer & Beverage Dispenser – Black by Tavern Toys

Corner Linen Tower

Using a corner linen tower is an efficient and attractive way to store your linen. Any piece of furniture that is designed to fit in a corner is ideal for space-saving. No empty space is left unused behind the unit. So whether it is for the bathroom, hallway or bedroom, consider a linen tower that is designed to fit in a corner.
Corner Linen Tower picture-1Corner Linen Tower picture-3
Left: Hampton Bay Corner Linen Cabinet
Right: Chelsea Corner Linen Cabinet