Leather travel wallets for women

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When traveling, either around the country or internationally, it is always a good idea to be carrying as little as possible as you walk around your destination, taking in the sights. Travel wallets are a good way to keep all your valued documents, like passport and birth certificate, along with cash, in one relatively small carrying case that can be easily concealed on your person and kept close at all times.
Leather travel wallets for women:

Leather travel wallets for women pictured: Royce Leather Overside Airline Ticket & Passport Holder

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ladies suede passport billfold

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Stainless steel travel coffee mug

Today’s stainless steel travel coffee mug is a far cry from the old thermoses we used to use back in the day. These days, a travel coffee mug has to live up to a variety of tests before one begins to think about buying one. Temperature retention is obviously the biggest concern. If your coffee doesn’t stay hot after at least a few hours, what’s the use? Leak and spill resistance is another major issue along with drinking comfort, stability, how easy it is to open with one hand, and of course, durability. The best stainless steel travel coffee mugs will have designed their mugs to address all these concerns along with being environmentally friendly.
Stainless steel travel coffee mug:

Stainless steel travel coffee mugs pictured: Left: Timolino 16-Ounce Icon Vacuum Tumbler, amber brown / Right: Contigo Autoseal Randolph Stainless Steel Travel Mug Vacuum Insulated, 16-Ounce, Berry

Womens travel slippers

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, you can take solace in the fact that no matter where you are, at the end of the day your feet will feel as comfortable as they do when at home when you slip on a pair of womens travel slippers. A good quality travel slipper will be lightweight and have a cushioned insole heel to toe area, keeping your feet feeling like you’re walking on a cloud. And with a cute travel bag, usually included, you can simply slip them into your purse or carry-on bag for quick access.
Womens travel slippers:

Womens travel slippers pictured: Anne Klein New York Women’s Satin Travel Slipper with Pouch, color: wine. Also available in red, grey and black

Mens travel slippers

Travel > Accessories > Footwear > Gentlemens portable slippers
It’s usually the small things that make or break a trip out of town. If you want to keep your feet comfortable throughout a long flight or train ride, mens travel slippers can keep your feet comfortable and dry while you stretch out in your seat for a snooze or walk around. And the best part, mens travel slippers are usually fold-able for easy storage in your carry-on, tote, brief-case or backpack. It’s like taking a small part of home with you at all times.
Mens travel slippers:

Mens travel slippers pictured: ACORN Men’s Tech Travel II Moccasin, black

When I travel by plane especially, I find the need to move my feet and toes after a few hours of sitting down.

Guinea Pig Travel Cage

If you have ever traveled with a pet, you know how difficult it can be to keep them caged up but comfortable. Guinea pigs are no exception and they too need a comfortable traveling case to go long distances or around the corner. So what makes a comfortable guinea pig travel cage? Well, a large door for your guinea pig to get through, a washable and stain resistant case, and a firm surrounding steel cage that won’t fall apart from normal usage. When buying such a traveling cage, make sure to tell the store clerk how big and heavy your pet Guinea pig is so that they can give you the best case for your pet. After all, the less you have to worry about when traveling, the better.
Guinea Pig Travel Cage:

Guinea Pig Travel Cage pictured: Super Pet Guinea Pig Take Me Home Medium Travel Carrier, Colors Vary