Unfinished dining room chairs

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If you have a dining room table and are having difficulty finding chairs that match its color perfectly, you may want to consider getting unfinished chairs. The idea is to try and find a stain of the right color. You may even end up having to mix a few tints of stain to get the hue just right.
Unfinished dining room chairs:
Unfinished dining room chairs image
Unfinished dining room chairs example. Pictured: International Concepts C-10P Pair of Slat Back Chairs, Unfinished.

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Unfinished office desks

If you are an avid do-it-your-selfer, but not great as a carpenter, you may want to look into buying an unfinished office desk to paint, varnish or stain. While the actual design and building are already done for you, there is still great satisfaction to be had as you choose how you want the finished product to look. A simple varnish, a dark stain, or any other color will be totally your call. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
Unfinished office desk:

Unfinished office desk pictured: International Concepts OF-45D Mission Computer Desk, Unfinished