Black and white upholstered dining chairs

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If your dining room has one main color that dominates the space, instead of matching your dining chairs to that color, you may want to go the opposite route and opt for black and white. The idea is to throw in touches of contrast. If you pick just any color, then there is the danger of clashing. But since black and white are neutral, you know that this will not be a problem.
Black and white upholstered dining chairs:
Black and white upholstered dining chairs
Black and white upholstered dining chairs pictured: angelo:HOME Marnie Dining Chair Set, Color: Black and White Vine

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Square upholstered storage ottoman coffee table

You get the best of both worlds with a storage ottoman: a spot to relax and put your feet up, and a place to store magazines, books or cushions. Of course, an ottoman can also be used as an extra seat when guests come over, and as a cocktail or coffee table you can sit around. It’s a very versatile piece of furniture that not only looks good, but also saves space.
Square upholstered storage ottoman coffee table:
Square upholstered storage ottoman coffee table
Square upholstered storage ottoman coffee table pictured: Epic Furnishings 36-Inch Large Square Storage Ottoman/Bench

Upholstered kids headboards

Looking to add a bit of fun to your child’s bedroom? An upholstered headboard can help set the tone nicely. From purple crowns to red hearts to dinosaur shapes to traditional looking headboards in all kinds of crazy colors, a fun looking headboard can change the look of a room instantly. Such headboards fit a twin size bed nicely so there’s no need to worry about the right fit.
Upholstered kids headboards:

Upholstered kids headboards pictured: Kid Shapes Twin Size Headboard by Powell, dinosaur and princess crown.

There is an added bonus to these kinds of headboards: they protect your child’s head somewhat. If your child tends to move around a lot while sleeping, they might occasionally hit their head on the bed’s headboard.

Upholstered parsons dining chairs

Parsons dining chairs are a real classic. A style that has endured many years. You can find them in many colors, upholstered in leather, suede or other fabrics, most commonly in one solid hue, but they can also be found with patterned fabric as well. Remember that fabric is harder to care for when it comes to stains, so make your choice accordingly.
Upholstered parsons dining chairs:
Upholstered parsons dining chairs image
Upholstered parsons dining chairs example. Pictured: Roma Parson Dining Chair in Pewter (Set of 2) by Hillsdale Furniture.

Upholstered skirted dining chairs

Sometimes you just want to change things up a tad in the dining room and there’s nothing more effective than taking your existing dining room chairs and upholstering them with an elegant, formal looking fabric. From there you can add a draping look by adding a skirt in the same fabric as the new upholstery. This gives your dining room chairs a truly sophisticated and rich look that will have your guests looking regal as they sit at the table.
Upholstered skirted dining chairs:

Upholstered skirted dining chairs pictured:
left: Raquel Hollywood Regency Gray Velvet Tufted Dining Chair by Kathy Kuo Home
right: Raquel Hollywood Regency Linen Kick Pleat Dining Chair by Kathy Kuo Home