Yard utility cart

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Doing any kind of landscaping or yard work on your own can be quite strenuous work, especially when older. To help you along, a yard utility cart can provide you with a much needed helping hand as you can place heavy amounts of whatever it is you’re working on. Tools, soil, plants, rocks, paving stones and other heavy objects that would be difficult to lug around by hand. The only thing a yard utility cart won’t do, is help you lift the items into the cart. Unfortunately, in that regard you’re still on your own.
Yard utility cart:

Yard utility cart pictured: 1200-Lb. Capacity Yard Cart by Gorilla Carts

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Adjustable folding utility table

For the home or office, for meetings or parties where extra seating is needed, a folding utility table is one of those things that is always good to have on hand. It can be stored away in a closet or under a bed until it is needed. Adjustable height is a good feature as well, since some tasks require standing. Adjusting the table higher means less bending down and potentially less strain on your back.
Adjustable folding utility table:

Adjustable folding utility table pictured: Correll Rectangle Melamine Adjustable Height Folding Table, walnut top, black legs