Green velvet bedspread

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There is nothing quite like the look of velvet. It has a shine, but a subtler kind of shine than silk. And then there is its texture. It feels soft and yet has a bit of rigidity to it. A fabric such as velvet deserves a color that lives up to its luxurious feel. A nice dark green, or a celadon green, depending on the look you are going for in your bedroom, should do nicely. Make sure to read the included care instructions before washing.
Green velvet bedspread:
Green velvet bedspread
Green velvet bedspread pictured: Empress Silk Velvet Quilt Sets – Queen – Celadon

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Black velvet blazer for men

A black velvet blazer for men can be a very hip addition to a young man’s wardrobe, filling both a formal and casual function depending on what you wear with it. Keeping you velvet blazer looking like new takes a little extra work. If your blazer needs to be cleaned, check the clothing label for cleaning instructions. If for some reason there is none, bring it to a professional dry cleaning service for consultation and never iron your velvet blazer as this will permanently damage the velvet pile.
Black velvet blazer for men:
Black velvet blazer for men
Black velvet blazer for men pictured:
Left: Kenneth Cole Men’s Velvet Military Blazer
Right: Ermenegildo Zegna Mens Black Velvet Sportcoat Cotton 40R Jacket Blazer 2-Buttons

Velvet rope stanchion posts

Whether you own a theater, nightclub, art gallery or restaurant, chances are you have had moments where there were just too many people to control. For such a purpose a few velvet rope stanchion posts strategically placed in front of the door or other public/private area can help the flow of public traffic by delineating where they are supposed to walk or mingle. Of course, one should also have a door man or if need be, a bouncer, to maintain that flow.
Velvet rope stanchion posts:

Velvet rope stanchion posts pictured: Set of 2 Round Top Polished Brass Stanchion Posts with 6.5′ Burgundy Red Velvet Rope by QueuePole, sold by Displays2go.

Mens burgundy velvet blazer

Looking good and dressing well doesn’t mean that you have to spend a huge amount on clothes. The classic combination of blazer, white Oxford shirt and casual dress pants or jeans can add flare and hipness to any wardrobe. You would be surprised how many celebrities and young professionals look great in a mens burgundy velvet blazer, t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. Of course, for those extra special occasions you may want to dress a tad more formal by swapping out the t-shirt and jeans for a dress shirt and slacks… sneakers optional!
Mens burgundy velvet blazer:

Mens burgundy velvet blazer pictured: Jimi Hendrix Style Velvet Stage Coat Burgundy Rocker Coat by Rock n Roll Religion

Velvet Blanket

Velvet has that special look, and that special feel that are synonymous with luxury, comfort and beauty. The use of a velvet blanket on a bed is an easy way to give an otherwise ordinary bedroom a element of style and beauty. And of course the silky feel of velvet makes you fell like a king or queen.
Velvet Blanket:

Velvet Blanket pictured: Little Giraffe Velvet Deluxe Blanky, 14″ x 14″ color: cream