Vinyl leggings

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Going out for a fun night on the town and looking to get your rock girl on is instantly do-able by wearing a pair of shiny black vinyl leggings. Combine the leggings with a fun halter or tube top and sky-high heels and you are all set to take on the town in style and glamour. Think Cat woman without the mask and whip. And if you want to go the extra distance, there are sleek vinyl pants and catsuits that are guaranteed to turn heads!
Vinyl leggings:

Vinyl leggings pictured: Milky Way fringe inset vinyl leggings LG BLACK

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Vinyl kettlebells for women

Whether you are exercising in an effort to lose weight and build up muscle, or you are just looking to maintain your already fabulous physique, chances are you know the importance of changing up your exercise routine every now and then. One week it could be yoga and tennis, or another week it could be working your core strength by using vinyl kettlebells. Whatever it is, make sure your body never gets used to just one form of exercise as that will slow down the stimulus process. A varied approach is highly recommended.
Vinyl kettlebells for women:

Vinyl kettlebells for women pictured: Tone Fitess 5, 10 & 15 Vinyl Cement Kettlebell Set