Walnut floating shelf

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If you are looking to add some shelving to the wall, a walnut floating shelf can be a decorative and functional shelf for practically any room or decor. The walnut grain gives the shelf an elegant quality that can compliment your displayed items nicely, whether in a contemporary or traditional setting. Simply pick a shelf dimension that is suitable for want you want to place on it, then all that’s left is an easy installation of the shelf and its hardware and you’re good to go.
Walnut floating shelf:

Walnut floating shelf pictured: Welland 48 Inch x 10 Inch x 2 Inch Chicago Wall Shelf Display Floating Shelves Walnut

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Walnut dining chairs

Walnut wood is of high quality, and it is ideal for furniture making, since it has such a beautiful look. But be aware that walnut can refer to the color of a piece of furniture. So make sure you know exactly what your are buying before picking a walnut dining chair.
Walnut dining chairs:

Walnut dining chairs pictured: Winsome Wood Ladder Back Chair, RTA, Antique Walnut, Set of 2

Walnut TV stands

While searching for wood stands, I noticed that there can be a large discrepancy in the color of walnut finish furniture. They are all, of course, brown, but the shades vary greatly from fairly light to very dark. It may be an item that should not be bought by ordering from a picture on the internet, since shades can be greatly affected by the light used during photography. Keep this in mind when shopping for walnut TV stands.
Walnut TV stands:
walnut tv stands image
Walnut TV stands example. Pictured: Foremost TSH10222-FMD Sheridan TV Stand, Walnut