Towel Warmer Stand

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There’s nothing like the feeling of a warm towel against your body when you have just gotten out of the bath or shower. A free standing towel warmer stand not only keeps your towels toasty warm, it also dries them. Another added benefit is that it reduces the possibility of mold forming on wet towels.
Towel Warmer Stand:

Towel Warmer Stand pictured above: Warmrails Alexandria Freestanding Flat Panel Electric Towel Warmer, Chrome.

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Wet Towel Warmer

Whether you own a spa or simply want a spa-like experience at home, a wet towel warmer will add that extra touch of comfort you seek for your clients or yourself. make sure you read reviews carefully before buying. Some users report towels coming out too hot or not hot enough, depending on the model. Also make sure the warmer can hold enough towels for your needs.
Wet Towel Warmer:
Wet Towel Warmer picture
Wet Towel Warmer pictured: Hot Towel Cabi – Hot Towel Warmer (HC-X) by Towel Warmer