Wall mounted water fountains

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There’s no doubt about it, a wall mounted water fountain makes a stunning addition to your home or office that is as beautiful to look at as it is to listen to. Easy to set-up, there are many decorative variations to choose from, such as copper, slate, glass, stainless steel and stone. Many people find the sound of flowing water to be calming, and so a fountain may actually help you stay relaxed throughout your day.
Wall mounted water fountains:

Wall mounted water fountains pictured: Left: Bronze Mirror 48″ High Watergarden Wall Mounted Fountain by Lamps Plus / Right: BluWorld Bellezza Indoor/Outdoor Wall Fountain by Universal Lighting and Decor

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Glass wall water fountain

If you got about $5,000.00 kicking about and it’s burning a hole in your pocket, consider adding a 10 foot glass wall water fountain to the inside or outside of your home. The natural sounds of water streaming through the glass will have a most relaxing effect while the visual display of the wall fountain itself should be just as invigorating. A definite conversation starter!
Glass wall water fountain:

Glass wall water fountain pictured: Stainless Grande With Clear Glass by Bluworld.

5 Gallon Water Bottle Storage Rack

If you work in an office, odds are you get water delivered for one or several drinking fountains. You can get them delivered several at a time. The problem is, where do you put them? Well, there are water bottle storage racks that can hold three or more 5 gallon bottles. They don’t take up a lot of space. Simply set up the rack and then place the bottles on their sides in the allotted slots. Simple, effective and less clutter on the floor.
5 Gallon Water Bottle Storage Rack:

5 Gallon Water Bottle Storage Rack pictured: Bottle Buddy 3-Pack with Floor Protection Kit

Of course, you can use these bottles home too.

Bottled Water Storage Rack

Five gallon water bottle storage racks are available in several sizes. They can hold up 2 bottles or as many as 18. Sturdiness is definitely a concern, since these bottles are very heavy. Surprisingly, some models (usually the 3-bottle ones) are made to be somewhat attractive, with finishes in white or chrome.
Bottled Water Storage Rack:

Bottled Water Storage Rack pictured: Zephyr Fluid Solutions, 3-tier Water Bottle Rack, White

Cat Water Fountain Bowl

Getting your cat to drink water on demand is always a difficult chore as cats work on their own schedule. Given that, it is possible to keep fresh running water continuously available for your feline by having a cat water fountain installed in your pet’s eating area. This way, when you are at work or out on the town, your cat can get to water whenever he or she feels like it. You may want to always have a fresh bowl of water out for your cat anyway in case the sound of running water puts your cat off.
Cat Water Fountain Bowl:

Cat Water Fountain Bowl pictured: Pioneer Ceramic Drinking Fountain Big Max by Pioneer Pet.