Ankle-length waterproof coat

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One good thing about an ankle-length coat is that it covers you up almost completely. This means you and your clothes will stay dryer in the rain and warmer in the cold, especially when it comes to your legs. And they also have that long cool style that can be very appealing. Just make sure the coat is wide enough at the ankles so that you can take natural strides comfortably. There is no point in looking cool if the coat impedes your gait.
Ankle-length waterproof coat:
Ankle-length waterproof coat
Ankle-length waterproof coats pictured:
Left: Superbaby Women Long Belted Fuax Fur Hooded High Quality Down, black
Middle: Jessica London Women’s Plus Size Long Hooded Raincoat, dark teal black
Right: Outback Trading Co. Low Rider Duster Mens Coat Brown 100% Cotton Oilskin

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Waterproof blanket

One of the great joys of summer is when you can take some time off to hit the beach or a local park to have a family picnic or a romantic picnic for two. A possible problem could arise if it has rained recently, and the ground is a bit wet. It is at those times that a waterproof blanket can be very handy. These blankets can also be used on car seats to protect the upholstery if you have been swimming and your bathing suit is still wet.
Waterproof blanket:

Waterproof blanket pictured: Unisex Waterproof Tailgate Blanket by Turfer, in charcoal.

Also of interest: Tuffo Water-Resistant Outdoor Blanket with Carrying Case / L.L.Bean All-Weather Outdoor Blanket / ATAYA Outdoor Camping Picnic Blanket w/Waterproof Backing & Carrying Strap,100% Polyester, Plaid

Waterproof throw blanket

Waterproof throws are a great way to protect yourself from getting wet or to protect seats from getting wet. They are ideal for picnics where the ground isn’t quite dry, and for protecting car seats when you are not quite dry! Some of these blankets are labeled as weatherproof rather than waterproof. Make sure you understand the difference when buying.
Waterproof throw blanket:
Waterproof throw blanket
Waterproof throw blanket pictured: Tuffo Water-Resistant Outdoor Blanket with Carrying Case. Color: Navy Plaid.