Silver flip flops for weddings

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Unless you are attending a beach wedding, where the style of dress is somewhat more casual, you probably would not want to wear flip flops at a regular wedding ceremony. When comes time for the reception, however, things are different. It is quite acceptable to kick off your fancy heels and wear some sandals so that you can be more comfortable. Ideally, the sandals would be dressier than your average flip flops. Silver models with sparkles or other decorations are perfect.
Silver flip flops for weddings
Silver flip flops for weddings pictured: Dessy Sparkle Flip Flop, charcoal gray

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Outdoor tents for garden parties & weddings

If you are inviting a large group of people to an outdoor celebration, you should consider getting a large outdoor shelter or tent. You never know when it may rain, or if the sun will be beating down so hard that guests will be seeking out shade. Of course, there is always the option of people sheltering themselves in your home, but that may not be practical or even possible. Don’t forget that these types of tents can be rented for a fraction of the cost of buying, sometimes with installation included.
Outdoor tents for garden parties & weddings:
Outdoor tents for garden parties & weddings
Outdoor tent for garden parties & weddings pictured: 32’x16′ Heavy Duty Wedding Party Tent Canopy Carport White by Deltacanopy

Silk flower arrangements for weddings

There’s something magical about a wedding and no matter what month, there can be the added beauty of silk flower arrangements adorning each and every table. And once the party is over, one guest from each table can be given the arrangement to have as a lasting memory. There are also silk rose petals you can order to make a walking path for the bride as she approaches the altar. No matter the climate, silk flowers are always in bloom.
Silk flower arrangements for weddings:

Silk flower arrangements for weddings pictured: Left: Mini Calla Lily Silk Flower Arrangement by Nearly Natural / Right: Nearly Natural Lilac Silk Flower Arrangement

Dining chair covers for weddings

When it comes to organizing and arranging your marriage, there’s only so much you can do on a personal level. For the rest, leave it up to the professionals you hire. Whether it comes to the food provided by a qualified caterer, or the company hired to set up the tables and chairs, you’re not going to go around making sure the dining chair covers are on right. While it may be hard to relinquish, you will need to give up some control to the professionals you are paying for.
Dining chair covers for weddings:

Dining chair covers for weddings pictured: 50 Universal Satin Self Tie Wedding CHAIR COVER – left: champagne, right: ivory, sold by BalsaCircle.

Baby flower girl dresses for weddings

While weddings allow everyone to dress up and look their best, it’s always the young children who seem to look so cute in their best dresses and small suits. Whether your baby girl carries the ring or the flowers, a girl’s dress at weddings should always be bright and colorful with a dash of pattern if need be.
Baby flower girl dresses for weddings:

Baby flower girl dresses for weddings pictured, left: AMJ Dresses Inc White Infant Flower Girl Christening Dress Sizes S to 4t, sold by AMJ Dresses Inc. / right: Classykidzshop Baby Ivory Flower Girl Dress with Colorful Sash, Ivory Pink