Weight loss shorts

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If you are already working on a weight loss regimen that follows a sensible plan of portion control and daily exercise, introducing a pair of neoprene weight loss shorts into your routine may not be such a bad idea. Neoprene fabric helps retain critical body heat that helps the wearer shed water weight, which may help in losing overall body weight.
Weight loss shorts:

Weight loss shorts pictured: Everlast for Her All-in-One Body Slimmer

Of course, you really can’t expect a pair of shorts – or anything else you might wear – to make you lose weight in the long term.

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Weight loss diet patch

When wanting to lose weight for self-esteem reasons, or needing to lose weight for immediate health concerns, there’s no getting around the fact that portion control, along with healthy eating habits and daily exercise can be the best way to succeed at dropping the pounds. Of course, this is hard work and requires diligence and a total lifestyle commitment or change. A weight loss diet patch or weight loss fad of the day, is not going to provide you with the long term benefits that a well-balanced diet and exercise program can provide.
Weight loss diet patch:

Weight loss diet patch pictured: Absonutrix Carb Block X.treme Patch – 30 Patches – White Kidney Bean Extract! Reduce Your Weight and Compact Your Body – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! Nothing to Lose!

Weight loss toe ring

In the “I thought I heard it all” department, there are weight loss toe rings that are supposed to help one lose weight without exercise. Apparently, each package comes with two toe rings with attached magnets that are supposed to be able to increase your body’s metabolism and thus aid in weight loss without the wearer doing anything. Definitely gives one pause to wonder “what’s next?”
Weight loss toe ring:

Weight loss toe rings pictured: SODIAL- 2 X Silicone Magnetic Body Toe Ring Keep Slim Loss Weight

Light Weight Trench Coat

During the early days of spring or fall, when the days are a little cooler, a light weight trench coat is the perfect foil to ward off the chill, wind or rain without having to wear a heavier, bulky winter coat. And if the temperature takes a turn for the better, you can easily slip the light weight coat across your arm to carry around with you.
Light Weight Trench Coat:

Light Weight Trench Coat pictured: Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Light Weight Trench Coat in navy and tan.