Folding tables on wheels

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There are those times when we need an extra table, but only temporarily. For those occasion there are tables that fold up so that they can be stored away when not in use. But if you need a large folding table – one that is heavy – carrying it from room to room is not such an easy task. So these larger tables are usually equipped with wheels. The table can simply be rolling back and forth from its storage space.
Folding tables on wheels:
Folding table on wheels pictured: Sullivans Home Hobby Table

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Wire shelving units with wheels

Wire shelving units can look quite attractive in a kitchen, but since there is plenty of open space between the wires, you will occasionally have to sweep the floor below the unit. This is where wheeled units come in handy. All you have to do is pull the shelves away from the wall in order to sweep or clean the floor. Do be careful though, as you don’t want any items to fall as you pull the unit or put it back in place.
Wire shelving units with wheels:
Wire shelving units with wheels
Wire shelving units with wheels pictured:
Left: TRINITY EcoStorageTM 6-Tier NSF 48″x18″x72″ Wire Shelving Rack w/wheels – Chrome
Right: Ever Concept 6-Tier Rolling Storage Cart

Small table with wheels

If you’re looking for a great way to add extra storage or counter space to nearly any room, a small table with wheels can be a practical and versatile addition to any small living area. Whether you plan on using such a table for an added food prep area in a small kitchen, or need a mobile table that can function in many different situations in a child’s room, a table with wheels can be a handy item to have on hand when needed.
Small table with wheels:

Small table with wheels pictured: Winsome Wood Table Drop Leaf Square Stool, Natural

Kitchen cart with wheels

When you have limited kitchen storage, counter or meal preparation space, a kitchen cart with wheels can be a wonderful resource to have when needed. Mobility, practicality and functionality are the key words here when describing what you should look for in a wheeled kitchen cart. You want a cart that will fit into an open kitchen space for convenience sake, while at the same time being large enough to work on as a cutting board, prep table or to hold your microwave or toaster oven with plenty of storage below for extra plates, pots and pans or cooking oils.
Kitchen cart with wheels:

Kitchen cart with wheels pictured: Home Styles 5219-95 Savanna Kitchen Cart, White Finish

Plastic drawer unit with wheels

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When checking out a plastic drawer unit with wheels, your first inclination might be to use it in a home office or small business environment. And while these would be good places to use such a unit, there’s are a lot more storage ideas to come up with. For example, you could use the drawer unit as a mobile clothes bureau for your children, or you can keep one in the TV room for your DVD/CD collection. And if you are an arts and crafts person, it’s great to house all your materials and tools. Plus, some have additional drawers that you could stack on if need be instead of having to purchase an extra unit.
Plastic drawer unit with wheels:

Plastic drawer units with wheels pictured: Left: Premier 3-Drawer Chest White HG-553 by Iris / Right: IRIS Premier Collection 5-Drawer Storage Chest, White and Natural