White shower caddy

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White is a very common color when it comes to bathrooms. It reflects a lot of light, and so it helps keep the room bright. When it comes to bathroom accessories such as shower caddies, shower curtains, medicine cabinets and towel bars, white is an obvious choice. Or you could get these items in bright colors, as an easy way to break up the whiteness of the room.
White shower caddies:
white shower caddy
White shower caddies pictured:
Left: Zenna Home 480W, Corner Bath and Shower Caddy, White by ZPC Zenith Products Corporation
Right: 1 piece of Metal Vinyl-Coated Shower Caddy – 21.5″H by Mighty Gadget

In terms of shower caddies, there a many options to choose from, regardless of color. First there is the choice of materials.

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White loft bed with stairs

Kids certainly love loft beds. To them they are just fun: the fact that they are elevated is a novelty, and the space under the bed can feel like their own little fort. But to parents, these beds are more than fun. They are very practical in that they save a lot of space. Especially if they are equipped with stairs that double as storage drawers. Some models even allow you to fit a desk under the bed, a dresser or even another bed!
White loft bed with stairs:
white loft bed with stairs
White loft bed with stairs pictured: South Shore Mobby 39-Inch Loft Bed with Stairs, Twin, Pure White

White strapless shirts

How do you improve on the standard white Tee shirt as a summer garment? You make the shirt strapless – this lets you expose a little more skin, it lets you avoid tan lines on your shoulders, and it makes the shirt less casual. Add a nice necklace and you’re ready to hit the town. And of course white is great in summer becomes it reflects light, which helps keep you cool.
White strapless shirts:
White strapless shirts
White strapless shirts pictured:
Left: Hot from Hollywood Sexy Strapless High Low Peplum Waist Fit Flare Dressy Party Top Chiffon Blouse, snow white
Right: Deb Junior Strapless Bustier Top with Twist Front

White plus-size sundresses

As spring and summer approach, it’s time to take that white sun dress from the back of the closet and have it hanging front and center for those dressy, casual evenings out on the deck or a restaurants terrace. And if you feel that a solid white dress won’t look as dazzling as you would like, team up the dress with a brightly colored blazer, shoes, sandals and/ or handbag. Little splashes of color will accentuate the white dress nicely.
White plus-size sundresses:
White plus-size sundresses
White plus-size sundresses pictured:
Left: Sealed With A Kiss Designs Plus Size Classic V-Neck Dress In White
Middle: Sealed With A Kiss Designs Plus Size Soleil Gauze Dress – Size 1X, White (100% cotton)
Right: Sealed With A Kiss Designs Plus Size Classic Maxi Dress in White

Black and white queen duvet cover

When you own a black and white duvet cover, or any color of duvet cover for that matter, it is important to keep it clean and should be washed every two weeks or so. This is a simple matter of using a delicate fabric washing detergent and then allowing the duvet cover to air dry rather than machine dry. It may take a little longer, but air drying will help with any possible clumping.
Black and white queen duvet cover:
Black and white queen duvet cover
Black and white queen duvet cover pictured: MARRIKAS 600TC QUEEN STRIPE BLACK WITH WHITE DUVET COVER SET