Reversible wrestling singlet

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Whether you are competitively involved in Greco-Roman, Freestyle or Folk style wrestling as an amateur or professional, one important element of success is the wrestling singlet. Look for one that is made from a high performance spandex or Lycra fabric and that is designed to wick away sweat from your body so that you stay dry and cool. And if you are moving from competition to another, a reversible wrestling singlet works nicely in place of having two singlets to cart around.
Reversible wrestling singlet:
Reversible wrestling singlet
Reversible wrestling singlet pictured: ADIDAS Mens Reversible Wrestling Suit

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Low cut wrestling singlet

If you’re in high school or college and considering trying out for, or joining, the wrestling team, you might be wondering what you need to wear when grappling on the mat with an opponent. You’ll need a wrestling singlet along with a quality pair of light-weight wrestling shoes. What you wear under your singlet is just as important and can be a protective cup, pair of compression shorts, wrestling briefs or tights.
Low cut wrestling singlet:
Low-cut-wrestling-singlet b
Low cut wrestling singlets pictured:
Left: CANDYMAN Men’s Singlet, black
Right: Pistol Pete PP-TK260-282-Sexy & Sporty Power Mesh Wrestling Singlet – Red or Royal Blue

Womens wrestling singlet

If you have wondered what the difference is between a man’s wrestling singlet and a woman’s singlet, it’s this: womens wrestling singlets are designed to cover more of the upper body of women and so have a higher cut than a man’s singlet. However, both singlets need to be worn tight, allowing the referee to see every part of the wrestler’s body so that they can award or deduct points.
Womens wrestling singlet:

Womens wrestling singlets pictured: Left: Cliff Keen Women’s Reversible Wrestling Singlet (royal/scarlet) / Middle: ASICS Women’s Solid Modified Wrestling Singlet (forrest) / Right: Matman Women’s Lycra Reversible Wrestling Singlet

Mens wrestling singlet

Whether you are an amateur wrestler in high school or a professional with dreams of making the Olympic team, there are a few items that are extremely important to the success of your wrestling career. Headgear, knee and elbow pads, mouth-guard, footwear and a wrestling singlet are just as important to your game as your moves so don’t skimp on the quality. If you aren’t wearing a proper mouth-guard, or your singlet is too loose, you willbe worrying a bit too much and your focus will be divided, giving your opponent a winning edge.
Mens wrestling singlet:

Mens wrestling singlets pictured: Left: Cliff Keen The Guillotine Wrestling Singlet, navy-silver / Middle: Timeteo Cellblock13 CB7218 – Athletic Wrestling Singlet, black / Pistol Pete PP-TK260-282-Sexy & Sporty Power Mesh Wrestling Singlet – Red

Wrestling Halloween Costumes

You’ll have no trouble finding the perfect wrestling Halloween costume, brother. Yes that’s right, now you can dress up like your favorite wrestler: like Hulk Hogan or the Undertaker for this Halloween. How cool is that. The kids are soon gonna be excited, probably doing back-flips, brother.
Wrestling Halloween Costumes picture-1Wrestling Halloween Costumes picture-3
Wrestling Halloween Costumes pictured:
Left: El Muerto Luchadore by California Costumes
Right: Rubie’s Costume Co Nacho Libre Superhero Adult Halloween Costume