Wrought iron headboards – Twin

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When looking to change up your bedroom decor, sometimes all it takes is one dramatic change that becomes the focal point of the entire room. For example, let’s say you have a wrought iron headboard. Simply paint the headboard in an eye popping color that either matches your color scheme, or go against the grain and paint it a bright contrasting color. Either way, that one small change can make a huge difference.
Wrought iron headboards twin:
Wrought iron headboards Twin
Wrought iron headboards – Twin. Pictured: Coronet Wrought Iron Headboard Size: Twin by Grace Collection

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Wrought iron lighting fixtures

Depending on the size of the room, wrought iron lighting fixtures can add a touch of class and sophisticated elegance. One of the first things that come to mind is a wrought iron chandelier that can be the centerpiece of any grand entrance or dining room area. You can also add individual candle like light holders that can subtly accentuate the sides of a fireplace or wooden door frame giving the room a more regal look.
Wrought iron lighting fixtures:

Wrought iron lighting fixtures example. Pictured: Wrought Iron 21 Inch Large Chandelier by Creative Co-op, sold by Touch of Europe.

Wrought iron dining chairs

Thinking of spicing up your dining room decor? Consider replacing your wooden chairs with wrought iron dining room chairs. Not just for the outdoors, a wrought iron chair set can sit nicely in practically any dining room with either the traditional wooden table or something more modern like a glass table. Of course you can match the chairs with a wrought iron table to complete the look.
Wrought iron dining chairs:

Wrought iron dining chairs pictured: Alfresco Home Semplice Wrought Iron Bistro Chairs with Natural Cushions, Charcoal, Set of Two

Black wrought iron dining chairs

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If you tend to shy away from the more contemporary style furniture in favor of a more sophisticated design in the dining room area, then you may already own a set of black wrought iron dining room chairs. These elegantly styled chairs reflect a taste for the classic that goes back to the days when sitting at the dining room table for dinner was a highly anticipated weekly event. Sadly those days seemed to have slipped away somewhat.
black wrought iron dining chairs -1
Black wrought iron dining chairs pictured: DC America WIC138, Soho Wrought Iron Chair with Mesh Seat, Heavy Duty Construction, Black Powder Coated Rust Resistant Finish, Set of 4

black wrought iron dining chairs -2
Black wrought iron dining chairs pictured:
Set of 2 Brown Wrought Iron Metal Dining Chair/Chairs w/Cushion Seats by Acme Furniture

Black wrought iron bistro set

If you have taken the time to beautify your backyard or patio by adding a wrought iron bistro set to your surroundings, you may want to spend a little time figuring out how you are going to protect your set from the seasonal elements. Even if you live in a warm climate year round, you still have to consider how rain and wind can be an issue on the paint, not to mention rust issues which can be a big concern. A decent size shed would be a big help in storing your set when the weather is nasty, or, in a pinch, a plastic tarp can be thrown over your set to help keep your garden furniture looking like new.
Black wrought iron bistro set:

Black wrought iron bistro set pictured: Outdoor Wrought Iron Bistro Set W / Free Green Cushions by Wrought Iron