Canvas zipper tool bag

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If you’re the go-to guy when it comes to fixing computers for your friends and family, or if you fix computers for a living, you know the importance of having all of your tools in one location. Keeping all your important tools in a canvas tool bag is a great way to be able to quickly grab your tools and go without having to look for what you need and possibly miss or forget something. In fact, if computer fixing is your business, then it makes sense to have one bag ready to go for clients, and another bag that stays at home. Much like a doctors bag.
Canvas zipper tool bag:

Canvas zipper tool bag pictured: Klein 5139C 12-1/2-Inch Cordura Camouflage Zipper Bag

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Men’s zipper ties

A zipper tie is a tie that already has a knot – or the semblance of a knot – in it. Instead of having to tie a knot when you put one on, you simply put the loop around your neck and pull the tie up. They look just like regular ties, and it’s unlikely anyone will ever notice. The name zipper is used to describe them because you pull them up just like a zipper. Great for men and women.
Men’s zipper ties:

Men’s zipper tie pictured: Buy Your Ties ZIP-ADF-17 – Mens Solid Zipper Tie – Hunter Green