Wood air vent covers for floors

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When made of wood, something we think of as dull and functional can become beautiful. This is the case with air vent covers. They work especially well when you match their color with that of your window sills and door frames. If you have wooden floors, you may want vents that match perfectly, or go for contrast, which gives a completely different effect. You can also choose between a glossy or matte finish.
Wood air vent covers for floors:

Wood air vent covers for floors pictured: Left: Decor Grates WL410-N Wood Louver Floor Register, Natural Oak, 4-Inch by 10-Inch / Right: Decor Grates WLC410-N 4-Inch by 10-Inch Wood Floor Register, Natural Brazilian Cherry

Learn The Many Different Types Of Vent Covers To Choose From


Learn The Many Different Types Of Vent Covers To Choose From

By Raven Ross

There are quite numerous heating vent cover types available in the market today. They are made of materials like plastic, metal and wood. These covers help to seal up the heating vent to avoid leaving it wide open.

Without them, it would seem like the ceiling, wall or floor has a hole. They are made in many different designs and styles.

The ones made from metal can have brass, bronze, coated white and almond finishing added to them. Only get the one that compliments your house decor. Painting the metallic ones is not the best thing to do because the paint will eventually wear off.

A wooden one can be stained or painted so that it compliments the house decor. In comparison, the wooden one is more expensive than the metallic one.

People who prefer more nice looking vents can have decorated ones, which are made with a filter. This helps to somewhat reduce the allergens within the nearby air. You have to get the perfect fit so be sure to take measurements.

The width and height of the vent opening have to be measured. Several manufacturers give room for extra space but the majority makes pre-sized covers.

For a vent that has a not so common shape, or one that is old, a specially made one can be ordered. Such a cover can be ordered from one of the many stores within your local area.

It will also help if you did some studying to ascertain which particular one will do a perfect job for your house. Getting one that is cheap and yet suits your decor perfectly is something you should consider. You might decide to go for the decorative ones but be ready to pay just a little more than usual.

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