Wood swivel bar stools with back

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Whether you are a single guy on his own for the first time, or a happily married man setting up a “man-cave” in the basement, there’s nothing more exciting about planning the setup of your first bar. And as important as the mini-fridge and bar-island is, you really have to give some thought to what kind of chairs your guests will be sitting on. Of course, practically everyone loves a swivel bar stool, so that’s one function to add to your list, another is to make sure that the wooden bar stools have a comfortable backing so your drinking buds can sit back and relax without fear of falling backwards when they have had a “wee-bit-much”.
Wood swivel bar stools with back:

Wood swivel bar stools with back example. Pictured: Hillsdale Kingstown 30-Inch Swivel Barstool-Completely KD, Brown Cherry Finish with Black Vinyl by Hillsdale Furniture

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  1. I’d like to find bar stools made of cast iron, but I can find any. Does anyone know where I could find some?

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