Adult Mermaid Halloween Costumes

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Ooh-la-la, I must get myself one of these costumes. I’ll have a “swimmingly” fishy good time in my “adult mermaid costume” I know I’ll attract other fishes of oceanic proportions. The tide is high right now to buy a costume, so I must be swimming on. I’m giving all of you a ‘fishtail’ wave goodbye.
Adult Mermaid Halloween Costumes:

Adult Mermaid Halloween Costumes pictured:
Left: Franco American Novelty Company Sexy Mesmerizing Shimmering Mermaid Costume
Right: Charades Adult’s Sequin Mermaid Dress Costume (Size:Large 11-13)

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Ninja Halloween Costumes for Girls

Halloween is the night when you can be whatever you want, and that means that girls can be ninjas too. Ninja Halloween costumes may come with accessories such as headbands and masks. Look for extras such as swords and nunchucks to give the costume some kick and make it complete.
Ninja Halloween Costumes for Girls:

Ninja Halloween Costumes for Girls pictured:
Left: Fun World Costumes Ninja Girl Costume – Medium
Right: Rubie’s Costume Co TIGER NINJA

Baseball Halloween Costumes for Women

What better way to attract the attention of the opposite sex than to dress in a baseball Halloween costume for women. She’ll be the “hit” of the halloween party with the men, and she’ll be “strikingly” fashionable too. C’mon all women look cute ‘sporting’ a baseball cap. Home runs all around, with baseball costumes.
Baseball Halloween Costumes for Women picture-1
Baseball Halloween Costume for Women pictured: Dreamgirl Grand Slam Baseball Costume

Princess Halloween Costumes for Girls

Many little girls want to be princesses, (even big girls want to be them too). Well, it’s that time of year when girls get to be princesses, or at least dress up like them, and let their imaginations do the rest. The costumes always consist of beautiful dresses. Accessories include tiaras, crowns and wands.
Princess Halloween Costume for Girls:

Princess Halloween Costume for Girls pictured: Forum Novelties Beautiful Princess Costume

Michael Jackson Halloween Costumes for Kids

Michael Jackson’s popularity has increased dramatically since his passing and this year may be a good time to dress the kids up as the famous(infamous) entertainer. You can choose from the “Motown Micheal”, the “Thriller Michael” or the leather clad “Bad Michael” period. No matter which period you choose to dress your kids up in, they will no doubt look cool and hip in the eyes of their friends. Add a dance move or two to boot and you got a winning combination.
Michael Jackson Halloween Costumes for Kids picture-3
Michael Jackson Halloween Costume accessories for Kids pictured: Michael Jackson Costume Kit by Rubie’s Costume Co