Car blankets for dogs

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When dogs sit in one place regularly, the area tends to get covered with dog hair, and with dirt from their paws. If your dog rides in the back seat of your car, you could use a dog blanket to protect the upholstery. Of course, the blanket will get hairy and dirty, but it should be much easier to clean than the car sets themselves. Look for a blanket that will not slip and that is waterproof for added protection. Available in many different styles and colors.
Car blankets for dogs:
car blankets for dogs
car blankets for dogs pictured: Dog Throw Blanket by National Van Equipment

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Wireless pet collar camera

If you’ve ever wondered what your pets are up to when they are home alone or let outside, a wireless pet collar camera can capture photos at regular time intervals, giving you a sneak peak at what they are up to when you’re not around. Before you buy however, be sure to fully research if such a purchase would prove to be of interest to you long term, or just as a one-off curiosity purchase.
Wireless pet collar camera:
Wireless pet collar camera
Wireless pet collar camera pictured: Uncle Milton Pet’s Eye View Camera

Glass reptile terrariums

If you’re an amphibian or reptile lover and you have decided to own one as an indoor pet, you are obviously aware of how important it is to recreate a somewhat natural environment for them to thrive and feel somewhat at home in. For reptiles, a suitable vivarium is a closed glass terrarium that can be filled with specific plants, sand, rocks and/or soil to replicate their natural surroundings.
Glass reptile terrariums:
Glass reptile terrariums - 2
Glass reptile terrarium pictured: Exo Terra Glass Terrarium Tank by Hagen, 24 x 18 x 24 inches.

Cardboard cat scratching box

If you have decided to not have your cats de-clawed, you may be wondering how you can protect your furniture from your cat’s claws. A simple cardboard scratching box, sprinkled with a little catnip, can provide your cat with a suitable post to vent their instinctual need to claw and scratch. Mind you, this still may not keep them away from your furniture.
Cardboard cat scratching box:
Cardboard cat scratching box
Cardboard cat scratching post pictured: Cat Scratcher – The Original Scratch Lounge 2 – New Thinner Design – (Includes Catnip) by Scratch Lounge

Large carpeted cat trees

If you have one or more indoor cats, chances are they are easily bored if you don’t play with them often. Depending on your schedule however, you just might not always be there when they want to play. If you have the room, a large carpeted cat tree can provide all kinds of entertainment for your cats as well as perches to rest on when they are tuckered out.
Large carpeted cat trees:
Large carpeted cat trees
Large carpeted cat trees pictured:
Left: Kitty Polis Light Brown Multi Level Climbing Cat Tree & Lounge Pet House-Mimi Collection-
Right: Go Pet Club Brown 72″ Cat Tree F2081