Portable camping toilet seat

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There are a few options when it comes to going to the toilet while camping. One is to get a portable toilet. These are self-contained units that you can put bags into. Another option is a toilet seat that is designed to fit on a standard five gallon bucket. Perhaps the simplest one, (other than squatting in the woods) is a seat with legs. With this you have the option of simply setting it up in the woods, or placing a container under it.
Portable camping toilet seat:
portable camping toilet seat
Portable camping toilet seat pictured: TravelJohn Foldable Commode /Chair (Olive Drab)

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Zero-gravity chair with cup holder

If you’ve ever sat on a “zero-gravity” chair, you know how comfortable they are. I don’t know that I would describe the feeling as a floating sensation, but sitting in one of these is definitely more comfy then sitting in a regular lounge chair. To me, the effect is most pronounced when sitting rather than fully reclined – it feels like you are lighter, somehow. Combine this feeling with easy access to refreshments thanks to a cup holder, and you’ve got the ideal summer experience.
Zero-gravity chair with cup holder:
zero gravity chair with cup holder
Zero-gravity chair with cup holder pictured: DuraGood Zero G Anti Gravity Extra-Wide Folding Recliner Chair w Canopy and Cup Holder

Outdoor tents for garden parties & weddings

If you are inviting a large group of people to an outdoor celebration, you should consider getting a large outdoor shelter or tent. You never know when it may rain, or if the sun will be beating down so hard that guests will be seeking out shade. Of course, there is always the option of people sheltering themselves in your home, but that may not be practical or even possible. Don’t forget that these types of tents can be rented for a fraction of the cost of buying, sometimes with installation included.
Outdoor tents for garden parties & weddings:
Outdoor tents for garden parties & weddings
Outdoor tent for garden parties & weddings pictured: 32’x16′ Heavy Duty Wedding Party Tent Canopy Carport White by Deltacanopy

Marine LED spreader lights

If you own a boat, whether for recreational activity or as a business vessel, you may have found yourself needing a decent lighting set up when out on the water or tied to the dock at night. A set of marine LED spreader lights can provide a soft light while lighting up a wide area. More and more boaters these days seem to prefer LED lights over Halogen, so it’s best to do a little research before buying.
Marine LED spreader lights:
Marine LED spreader lights
Marine LED spreader lights pictured:
Left: Taco Metals 9W LED Spot Light with Stainless Steel Adjustable Bracket
Right top: Perko LED Rail or Surface Mount Spreader Light – Brushed Marinium Alloy
Right bottom: LED Marine Spreader Light – Deck/Boat Illumination – 12/24V – IP67 – 20 LEDs – 32 Watt – 2880 Lumen by Magnalight

Roll up table in a bag

If you enjoy taking the family or that special guy or gal out on a picnic, one of the possible issues you might be faced with is having to place food, cups and plates on the ground. Even if you have a picnic blanket, this might not help with keeping ants from making their way onto the blanket, or having to deal with wet grass after a rain storm. A solution would be to buy a roll up table that comes complete with its own carrying bag. Simply keep the bag in the car trunk and whenever you find yourself needing a table, voila, you can have one up and assembled in a matter of minutes.
Roll up table in a bag:
Roll up table in a bag
Roll up table in a bag pictured: Table in a Bag W2716G Low Portable Table with Carrying Bag, Green